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Here Is What You Didn't Know... NOW YOU CAN EXPOSE THEM

YouTube decided that they did not want to depreciate the power of tags as a ranking factor, so they simply started hiding the real tags on most videos.

If you're looking in the video page source and see the tags in the "keyword" section of the source, then I assure you that most of the time you aren't getting the actual tags used in that video.

I can also assure you that pretty much all of the software you have that pulls video tags for you is really doing nothing more than what you were doing manually.

Checking in the keyword section for the tags that YouTube says it's using.

Did You Ever Notice...

You uploaded a video, you seo'd it to the Nth degree, yet some other joker was outranking you all over the place, and even had a lot more page one rankings in Google for a lot of keywords that weren't even in the title, description, or tags of his video?

You just couldn't understand how this person is managing to do this - Does Google just love this guy for some reason? Actually, No?.

All that has really happened here is that the other guy is using a lot more tags thAn you think he's using.

wHILE YouTube is keeping them secret from you enabling him to rank for more keywords in both google and youtube.

So, how would you like to even up the playing field? How would you like to know 100% all of his real tags, the tags that YouTube is hiding from you?

That is where my custom software comes into play. When you run the software it shows you 2 sets of information...

One set is the tags that YouTube wants you to think are his tags, and the other set you see is the actual true tags for that video.

Now it is easier to see why that guy kept beating you isn't it? For the first time ever you are seeing his Tags. The tags that YouTube has been hiding from you.

This Software Runs On Windows PC 7,8, & 10 (As Well As Locustware VPS's & Remote PC/Server Desktops.) ... This Software Does Not Run On Mac.


While YouTube is misleading 99% of other video marketers out there, you'll be among the 1% who are getting Google page one listing.

You'll start hammering your competitors relentlessly - Yet they will have no clue how you are managing to rank so easily for so many keywords.

Let's face it, life is good when you have a secret advantage over most of your competitors!

They can't hide anything from you and protect your competitors against you anymore!

Beat YouTube At Their Own Game

Swarm Into Google

Start landing an amazing number of videos on Google page one results for your keywords.

Now you can easily manipulate their ranking algorithm because they can't fool you anymore!

Stun Your Competitors

They won't have a clue how you effortlessly continue to outrank them in YouTube and Google.

They still have no idea that YouTube is lying to them!
You will get a ZIP (5MB) file
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